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Roger Stevens anthology

Yesterday I learned that my poem, "Double Delight!", will be appearing in a new anthology from Bloomsbury entitled Rhymes, Riddles and Paradiddles: Puzzling poems and how to write them. Roger Stevens is a wonderful poet and it's a great honor to be selected to appear in his new volume. I wrote the poem especially to submit to this anthology, in a form I had never tried before: the mesostic. Wikipedia defines a mesostic like so:

A mesostic is a poem or other text arranged so that a vertical phrase intersects lines of horizontal text. It is similar to an acrostic, but with the vertical phrase intersecting somewhere in the midst of the line, as opposed to the beginning of each line.

Not all mesostics need to be riddles, but the ones I have written, including "Double Delight!", are riddles as well. By presenting the text with blanks in place of the letters that form the vertical word, and letting the missing vertical word be the "answer" to the riddle posed by the poem as a whole, the reader is given more than one path to discover the subject of the poem.

I thank Roger Stevens not just for accepting a poem of mine for his wonderful anthology, but also for getting me started writing mesostics. I have a whole bunch of them now, and they are part of a manuscript of riddle poems that I hope will someday be available wherever fine books are sold.


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