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Poetry for children and others


School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW:

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Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW:

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Common Sense Media, 4/26/2023

"Parents need to know that The Red Ear Blows Its Nose, Robert Schechter's delightful book of poems, is an absolute gem, embracing the whimsical with playful words while planting seeds of curiosity and love of language. Themes of individuality, seasons, and nature combine absurdity with depth and offer a strong message of embracing who you are. Word repetition helps emerging readers gain confidence and words such as "effulgence" and "nascent" challenge those who are more advanced. This is an outstanding book to read aloud; it's funny and warm, engaging and silly, and a great conversation starter for families, classrooms, and friends. . . 

"With an emphasis on playful language, this exceptional collection of poems asks big questions and conveys deep meaning -- while also discussing the size and structure of parts of a face. The Red Ear Blows Its Nose will make readers think, feel, and delight in language. It's a fantastic read-aloud book, and equally good for readers to settle in with quietly to think. This kind of poetry is rare: fun and serious, intensely imaginative, and thought provoking for children and adults alike."

Light: A journal of light verse since 1992


"I’m not sure how Mr. Schechter would feel about being compared with Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers was clear-eyed and straightforward. Mr. Schechter appears to look at the world through a kaleidoscope while hanging upside-down from the jungle gym and blowing soap bubbles. The comparison is apt, though, because both men have an insight into the child mind that is subtle and respectful. . . .

"The Red Ear Blows Its Nose should become that one children’s book that somehow makes it into the boxes heading for college. It’s good to have someone along for the ride who really gets you."

A Kid's Book a Day, April 18, 2023

"Fans of Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein will love this deceptively simple collection, with poems that can be read by first graders but discussed in depth by middle schoolers, and that contain equal parts humor and humanity.  Perfect for National Poetry Month."

Storywraps 12/5/2022:

"I delight in great kid's poetry and I know this book will not disappoint.  The Red Ear Blows Its Nose is oftentimes silly, hilarious, witty, clever, and just plain fun. This debut collection of poems from award-winning Robert Schechter will be an instant hit with kids no matter what their ages.


"Creative ideas presented in playful rhyming language will have kids returning again and again to enjoy.  In my humble opinion the author's impressive poetic skills align him with the likes of Shel Silverstein, Kenn Nesbitt, Mary Ann Hoberman and Jack Prelutsky, just to cite a few of the great kid poets.  This book certainly deserves a place in a home library AND on a classroom and elementary school library shelf. It definitely is a winner and I highly recommend it!"

San Diego Jewish World, 11/16/2022 

"Poetry Book Will Delight, Inspire Children and Adults"

Robert Schechter is a master of word play and rhyme and he uses these talents to enchant children and adults alike in this collection of poems.”


Cannonballread, 10/25/2022

“And Poetry for All”

Seriously funny with a hint of “hey! This might be something to think about.”


Edelweiss / Goodreads, review by Theediscerning, 11/16/2022

“A very readable collection of verse that loves word play, absurdities and the old nonsense poem way of thinking, but seems to add something more …. strongly sustained, all-ages-friendly rhyme….the mind boggles as to how any sequels are going to be nearly as stuffed with goodies as this collection. There is a lot of work here, with some brilliantly restrictive rhyming schemes in play, and as a result a lot of pleasure.”, October 14, 2022

“If you’ve got any “littles” in your life, The Red Ear Blows Its Nose is the perfect gift book to preorder for next year’s National Poetry Month. Published by Word  Galaxy Press, an imprint of the well-respected Able Muse Press, The Red Ear Blows Its Nose dishes out hilarity, wit, wordplay, and wisdom in a playfully illustrated collection of poems “for children and others.” 

The Citizen (South Africa, newspaper) 11/3/2022

“Kids’ book pure poetry: Witty pages filled with joy will even hook adults; Official age range is 7-12, but ‘second number could be extended indefinitely"

Northshire Bookstore, Staff Pick

"Silly and serious, thoughtful and joyful, the poems on these pages are all ages. Covering the seasons, words, nature, body parts and doing nothing, the style is a mix of classic poets with a modern twist." 

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