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If Morris’s cho­rus is bet­ter than Boris’s,
Boris’s cho­rus can out­sing Dolores’s,
Dolores’s cho­rus is bet­ter than Horace’s, 
and Horace’s cho­rus is bet­ter than Doris’s, 
can Doris’s cho­rus be bet­ter than Morris’s? 

The answer, of course, is the cho­rus of Doris 
has got to be worse than the cho­rus of Mor­ris
because it’s no match for the cho­rus of Horace, 
which can’t be com­pared to Dolores’s cho­rus, 
which isn’t quite up to the cho­rus of Boris,
which can’t sing as well as the cho­rus of Mor­ris.

But sources assure us that Doris’s cho­rus is
not one to bore us, regard­less of Morris’s. 
Though you would enjoy a per­for­mance by Horace’s, 
Morris’s, Boris’s, even Dolores’s,
you’d also endorse a per­for­mance by Doris’s,
pro­vided, of course, you enjoy hear­ing cho­ruses.

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