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If “igno­ble” means “not noble,”
it seems to me that “ig”
should make all words their oppo­sites.
You’re “small”? No, you’re igbig!

For “empty,” why not say igfull?
For “dark,” why not iglight?
For “ugly,” try igbeau­ti­ful,
for “left,” why not igright?

I am not “dirty”! I’m igclean!
“Embar­rassed”? No, igproud!
When I am hid­den, I’m igseen.
When quiet, I’m igloud!

Some­day when I have igshrunk up
(make that igshrunk igdown!)
I’ll be igpoor and igun­known
(the thought makes me igfrown).

The world will igig­nore me then,
since igno one will dig
the fun I’ve igde­prived them of
iglearn­ing them to ig!

(orig­i­nally pub­lished in Bum­ber­shoot, Issue 5, Sum­mer 2009)

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