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Here's a children's poem of mine that appeared in the online magazine, Bumbershoot, which was brilliantly edited by Kate Bernadette Benedict. The magazine no longer publishes new issues, but all the old issues remain online and are truly worth your while to visit. You can see this poem as published in Bumbershoot by clicking here, and then start clicking around to read lots of other wonderful poems for children and others.


If “igno­ble” means “not noble,” it seems to me that “ig” should make all words their oppo­sites. You’re “small”? No, you’re igbig!

For “empty,” why not say igfull? For “dark,” why not iglight? For “ugly,” try igbeau­ti­ful, for “left,” why not igright?

I am not “dirty”! I’m igclean! “Embar­rassed”? No, igproud! When I am hid­den, I’m igseen. When quiet, I’m igloud!

Some­day when I have igshrunk up (make that igshrunk igdown!) I’ll be igpoor and igun­known (the thought makes me igfrown).

The world will igig­nore me then, since igno one will dig the fun I’ve igde­prived them of iglearn­ing them to ig!


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