Highlights HELLO

I'm very happy to start off 2019 with an acceptance from Highlights HELLO. This will be my first published poem for the under-2 age group, and it (technically) completes my bingo card when it comes to all three Highlights magazines. (I've sold a poem to High Five, but it has yet to be published). Now the one major children's magazine that has eluded me is Babybug, which has the same ridiculously young age range as Highlights HELLO.

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Willis Barnstone Translation Prize

I am co-winner of the 2019 Willis Barnstone Translation Prize. My winning translation was of a German poem/song by Leo Strauss called "The Village of As Though." Apart from the honor, the win earns me

Let there be LIGHT

I'm pleased to have eight clerihews in the summer issue of LIGHT. For those who don't know, I'll let Wikipedia tell us what a clerihew is: A clerihew (/ˈklɛrɪhjuː/) is a whimsical, four-line biographi

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