Double-Dactyl Word List

There's a light verse form known as the double-dactyl, and strict adherence to the form requires that one of the lines consist of a single word that is a double dactyl. It can be quite a challenge to come up with a word to use in that line, so a list of qualifying words often comes in handy. I put together such a list and posted it on Medium to help out my fellow light versifiers, and it's been a steady traffic draw over the last couple of years.

I recently heard from Kenn Nesbitt, former Children's Poetry Laureate, who pointed out about ten double-dactyl words that I hadn't included. I have added those words to the list that now appears on my website as well as to the list on Medium. If any of you can think of other double-dactyl words that I have omitted, please let me know.

Word lists are a lot of fun. Kenn maintains a wonderful list of words and phrases that rhyme with themselves, like mumbo-jumbo, hobnob, downtown, and hoity-toity. Have a look. I'm guessing that Kenn would like to hear from you if you can come up with qualifying words or phrases that he missed.

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